Electrical Inspections Wollongong

An electrical inspection is a vital part of any home or business maintenance. It helps to ensure that your electrical system is up to code and functioning properly. For peace of mind and compliance, It’s always best to hire a professional electrician from Hott Electrics to conduct a regular inspection.

Electrical Services

Regular Electrical Inspections

There are a number of things that our qualified electricians will check during an inspection. First, they will check the main electrical panel to make sure that all of the breakers are in the correct position and that there are no loose connections. They will also check all of the outlets and switches to ensure that they are working properly.

Repair Wear & Tear

Our electricians will also check the wiring throughout the property. We will look for any signs of damage or wear and tear, and also check for any loose connections. If we find any damage, we will make the necessary repairs.

Hott Electrics inspections will also involve testing the grounding system. This is important to ensure that your property is safe in the event of a power surge or outage. They will also test the smoke alarms to ensure that they are working properly.

Electrical Inspections Report

After the inspection is complete, our electrician will provide you with a report. This report will list any problems that were found and what needs to be done to fix them. It’s important to read over the report and understand everything that is listed. Our friendly team is always happy to answer any queries of concerns you may have.

Scheduled Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

In most cases, the repairs needed can be made during the same visit. However, if the repairs are more involved, the electrician may need to schedule a return visit. In these cases, our qualified electrician will schedule a time to come back and make the repairs.

Keep Your Electrical System Running

It’s important to have an electrical inspection conducted on your business yearly, or home every few years. This will help to ensure that your electrical system is in good working order. If you have any concerns about your electrical system, be sure to contact the professional electricians at Hott Electrics today.

Electrical Services

Insurance & Building Compliance Inspections

If you're selling or buying a home or business, an electrical inspection is often required by the buyer's lender or insurance company. If you're a business owner, you may also be required to have an electrical inspection before you can open your doors.

Quick & Easy Electrical Inspections

Most electrical inspections generally take place during the daytime, but some may be scheduled for evenings or weekends. Our inspectors will need access to all areas of your home or business, so be sure to clear a path. The inspection usually takes about two hours.

Regular Inspections For Peace of Mind

Electrical inspections are important for both new and old homes or businesses. If your property is more than 20 years old, it’s a good idea to have it inspected every five years or so. And if you’ve just purchased a home, an inspection is a great way to get peace of mind and make sure that your new home is up to code.

If you’re thinking about scheduling an electrical inspection for your home or business, contact our team at Hott Electrics today. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started.

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